"You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself"
Glinda - The Wizard of Oz

  ​​​​​​Leading with LanguageTM....inspiring women who aspire to lead​​

 The Advocacy;​​​​ To Advance Women Into Leadership Roles
In Politics,  Business & The Professions

​Inspire How?

Through learning in the form of a signature series of facilitated online workshops and coaching sessions titled, Leading with Language"TM .

Why Language?

Language is essential to achieving success in any endeavor; the language we employ and the language "in our heads" that either propels us forward or holds us back. 

 Why Women?
The future is female. 

Women are natural leaders. In large  measure this is due to the feminine power paradigm which embraces  seeking power in order to achieve. More often than not, women strive to achieve for others.  Longitudinal studies into how women and girls psychologically develop  have shown that females thrive in developing connections and relationships. 

Further to expanding the feminine power paradigm, keaneCOACH Virtual Consulting offers programs and events to empower women  to pursue powerful roles,  that will provide them  with the  power to achieve at higher levels than before. 

The Power of Language
To Change Our Lives

The Acts of Speech

ALL languages include 6 basic Acts of Speech, regardless of the language, be it English, German, Chinese, or the clicking sounds used by some tribes in Africa to communicate. They are:

Assertions, Declarations, Assumptions, Requests, Offers and Promises 
  • Mastering the Acts of Speech in language significantly improves the overall quality of our lives by raising our levels of performance, productivity and communication. 

  • We all employ the Acts of Speech on a daily basis, relatively unaware of their power to shape our perceptions of ourselves and others. In addition, they impact our actions or inactions, our moods, our ability to achieve our goals  and our effectiveness in interacting with others.
  • Leading with Language TM  is a learning opportunity to gain life changing knowledge and a profound understanding of how we each literally live in and interact through the Acts of Speech.
  • Leading with LanguageTM  is based upon a biological science of language that has been translated  into a coaching program by the Newfield Network of Boulder, CO. 

Perception Drives Behavior

Our perceptions, what we think about ourselves and others, drives our behavior and the behavior of others toward ourselves. All perceptions are in language. Everyday,  we each face situations whereby our personal perceptions drive us into action or inaction.  The "Leading with Language" TM  Pro gram addresses how to shift limiting language by providing the "language tools" necessary to achieving sustainable results. This is an interactive program of learning from which participants prepare to confidently "springboard" forward to fulfill whatever they aspire to achieve.

As An Example...

How  proficiently we employ language impacts our well-being, as in the case of the use of "YES" and "NO".  Too much "YES" in our lives can lead to our having little time for our own needs, as well as leading to the prospect of placing ourselves in harm's way.  Too much "NO" and we are in danger of absenting ourselves from the outer world, as well as clinging to  a status quo that does not serve us well. ​

  keaneCOACH Virtual Consulting

Developed by Mimi Keane, CPPM, keaneCOACH Virtual Consulting is dedicated to providing highly effective and sustainable mastery of language workshop and coaching programs for women who aspire to take the lead and perform at their best in the political, business and professional arenas. 
​keaneCOACH Virtual also provides complex, fully customized project development and management services for those seeking to implement virtual women's initiative programs within their companies or organizations. These include but are not limited to Women's Groups, Retreats and Conferences. 

Mimi Keane, CPPM

  • "Leading with Language"TM  is facilitated by Mimi Keane, CPPM,  certified by the Newfield Network in coaching for the personal and professional mastery of language (CPPM) .
  • Mimi's business career spans over 25 years as an Entrepreneur and Corporate Executive.
  • Mimi's journey also includes over 20 years of developing women's advancement initiatives. The most notable being The Women's Advancement InitiativeTM  and the State of Women In Politics ​(SOWIP). (Read "The Journey" )​

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