"You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself"
Glinda - The Wizard of Oz

The world changes according to the way people see it and if you alter, even a millimeter, the way people look at reality, then you can change the world one person at a time.  ​​
James Baldwin 


  1. If you want an experienced, no nonsense, candid professional, who will quickly diagnose symptoms, figure out quickly how to remediate them and execute a solid plan, then Mimi is the person. Her vast knowledge in the world of marketing and communications means that she adds immediate value. Her attention to detail and straightforward style means that she doesn't trade off speed for precision.
    David Rode, President & COO, PeopleMetrics
  2. It is a pleasure to write in support of Mimi Keane at both a professional and personal level. I was Mimi's coworker at Broadview Networks for several years. Mimi is very bright and very organized. To say that she is motivated is an understatement..I must admit that I was often awestruck by her business acumen and breadth of knowledge. Mimi will always excel no matter the challenge.. I give Mimi Keane my strongest endorsement.
    Michael Travers, Manager Customer Engagement, Windstream
  3. I highly recommend Mimi Keane as a grounded, wise, compassionate, empathetic and creative coach. Mimi kept me from making a huge mistake once and I will be forever grateful for her wisdom and guidance. Thank you Ms. Keane!
    Diantha Harris, CEO, LifePotentials Network, Inc.
  4. Mimi is extremely insightful and committed to the success of the clients that she coaches. I had the opportunity to work with Mimi when I was considering a transition from a corporate job ...to pursuing my passion of singing and acting...I still apply what I learned from that experience...I highly recommend Mimi to anyone who is serious and committed to designing a new phase of life and ready to make changes.... You won't regret it, I know I don't.
    Nina O'Neill, Communications and Culture Strategist, Mindshift Coach
  5. Mimi's skills have helped me professionally to improve my performance at work. She listens and points out my strengths and the weaknesses, with no judgement. Mimi assists her clients to use their talents or create new ones in order to achieve their goals. She pays attention to details, while keeping the big picture in mind. Mimi She cares about the well being of her clients, especially the female. Mimi is an asset to anyone who employs her talents.
    Jilla Piroozmandi, Compliance Offer, Development Bank of AS
  6. Over the past several weeks, I engaged Mimi Keane to provide me with coaching services. I have been overly impressed with the breadth of knowledge, active listening, and ability to raise issues that I need to confront. She allows me to view situations from several points of view. Mimi is much more than a coach; she is a confidant and expert sounding board. Mimi is an excellent coach and anyone using her services, will be truly blessed.
    Name Withheld by Request, CEO, Financial Services Company
  7. I came to Mimi seeking support for my decision to leave my executive position with a company where I had been successful for 16 years. I wanted more than a career, I wanted to find my destiny and in that, I believed I would find my life's work. My coaching sessions with Mimi allowed me to consider a great many possibilities. Mimi helped me to, as she says, "see anew". I had a partner in action. Mimi receives my highest recommendation.
    Name Withheld by Request, EVP, International Financial Investment Company
  8. Mimi, I don't think the words "thank you" convey even the smallest degree of what I really feel. It has been an awakening working with you. Every session allowed me to open up a new perspective. What really made the difference was your coaching style. You have the great skill of listening and staying in the background while inspiring your coachee. You had tremendous patience in allowing me to see new possibilities. I definitely recommend your services to anyone who wants to experience the very best that the coaching profession has to offer.
    Name Withheld by Request, EVP Human Resources, International Hotel Chain
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