"You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself"
Glinda - The Wizard of Oz


Invest in yourself to learn and gain the knowledge you need.
​Then focus on it and persevere...

Leading with LanguageTM  

  • The "Leading with Language​​​​"TM Program consists of 12 sessions conducted
          weekly over a 3-month time period;
                             (6) 75-minute workshop sessions alternating with
                             (6) 60-90-minute coaching sessions.

  • ​​​​​​​​​​The workshops are conducted online within a private virtual meeting space. All
          workshops are facilitated by Mimi Keane, CPPM

  • ​​The full program is available only on a one-on-one basis. 

  •  CONTACT Mimi for a pre-program consultation and pricing.

​Group Workshops

  • The (6) weekly workshops are available to Groups without the coaching sessions. There is a 7th closing session added to address Q&A.

  • "Per seat" pricing for Group Workshops is discounted from the full program cost.

  • Groups may be filled from a single or multiple organizations, or from an open enrollment when publicized or requested. 

  • Group Workshops are limited to a  minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 25 for each session. 

  • Organizations of more than 25 may be divided into the aforementioned groups to accommodate their size. In addition the Group Workshops may be designed in virtual Retreat or Conference style formats

  • All fees are prepaid prior to the start of the workshops and are assessed per participant for the entire 6-workshop series. Groups of less than 10 will be charged the 10-person fee and prorated  per the number in the group. Fees include study guides and worksheets available for download.  Fees are paid through PayPal unless otherwise arranged. 
  • ​All workshop sessions begin exactly at the appointed time.

  • Complete the  CONTACT form for additional information on starting your own group, registration for an existing group and pricing. 
​Sample Workshop Topics

  • For most of you, if not all, this is your first experience with learning about the power of language from an ontological perspective. Ontology is derived from the Greek word "ONTO" which means,  "I AM" or "I EXIST. 

  • Ontology is the science of how living systems exist. The Ontology of Language is the science of how human beings exist and interact with one another in language. 
  • In the development of the science of the Ontolog​y of Language, Chilean biologist, Dr. Humberto Matur​ana, researched how the lives of human beings are impacted by language, not only the language we employ, but our perceptions, aka the "language in our heads". ​ He isolated the basic Acts of Speech in all language and continued to study how each of these Acts impacts human existence.
  • It was the Newfield Network of Boulder, CO and its founder, Julio Olalla and his associates, who translated this science into a comprehensive ontological coaching program. 

  • The program is an opportunity for profound learning. Your experience will be unlike any other workshop you've attended!

  • In order to embed what you learn throughout your whole "being", there will be assignments in between sessions. 

  • The benefits you receive from the program will be directly related to the effort you choose to expend on it. 

  • Workshop topics include:

The Acts of Speech
Learning; Informational vs. Transformational
 Expanding Your Worldview
Shifting Perceptions to See "Anew"
​Language that Limits Your Learning

Moods and Language
Anticipation vs. Expectation
The Agony & Ecstasy of Perceptions
 Human Suffering in Confusing Declarations & Assertions
What They Say About Assumptions Is True
The Tools for Creating Powerful Requests, Offers & Promises
​Criminal Promises and the Erosion of Trust
Aligning What You Say, How You Say It & How You Move
​​​What Constitutes a Complaint and How Do You Rectify It?​
And more!!!

keaneCOACH Virtual Coaching

  • Coaching is an alliance between a coach​ and a client, whereby the coach is dedicated to working with the client to achieve her desired goals.
  • Private coaching sessions are confidential and all information shared with the Coach is held in trust unless otherwise indicated by the client.  
  • The client has the choice of the coaching sessions being conducted online in the meeting space or via telephone, or a combination of both.
  • The client participates in setting a schedule with the Coach. However, all 12 sessions should not extend beyond a 3-month time frame if possible. 
  • Learning is a key component and time set aside for study and completion of worksheets between sessions should be anticipated.   

  • ​​​The entire program fee is due prior to the onset of the first session. Payment is through PayPal unless otherwise arranged. ​

Concierge Coaching

  • Concierge coaching provides a virtual coach while you're "on the go".  

  • Concierge coaching is available to clients who have competed the full "Leading with Language" Program and would like to continue the coaching arrangement more informally over an extended period of time. 

  • The concierge coaching contract is customized to meet the client's needs. 

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