"You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself"
Glinda - The Wizard of Oz

The Journey​​​​

Mimi Keane, CPPM

Human beings will blossom into a hundred unexpected talents and capacities,
Simply by being given the opportunity to do so.

Doris Lessing; Author & Nobel Laureate in Literature

We all live in a story and as life happens, my stories have served as the "wheels" for my life journey.  In particular, the story behind my becoming a certified Coach began in December 1999 with a diagnosis that I was on the verge of going blind due to prolonged, instense stress.

The Doctor made it very clear that if I had any chance of reversing the situation without permanent damage, vis a vis being blind, I needed to spend the next several months integrating "calm" into all aspects of my life. 

Going blind was not on my bucket list, therefore, I closed down my marketing business and retreated to Florida, (from Chicago, a smart move in January regardless of the reason), armed with eye drops and Dr. Andrew Weil's breathing tapes. The tapes were part of the "prescription" for the purpose of my learning how to "let everything go".  Over time, I acknowledge that letting go of anything had not been my strong suit. I was a one woman "Justice League", taking on whatever battles came my way.

This period of forced retirement afforded me the opportunity to catch up on a large backlog of unread copies of Crain's Chicago Business.  It was in Crain's that I first learned about the professional field of life and business coaching.  Further to same, I signed up and completed the initial certification for COACH U (in between my breathing lessons).  Afterwards, when a new Crain's arrived toward the end of my stay, there was an ad in it for the Newfield Network CPPM Coaching Program. They were conducting an introductory workshop in Chicago...a block away from where I lived.  How could I not attend?  Right?

Little did I know at the time that fate had knocked and I was "calm" enough to answer!

After the 2nd day of the Newfield workshop, I knew I was "home".   A few months later, I embarked upon 13 months of certification studies (Coaching for Personal and Professional Mastery).  At the time, I was unaware of how dramatically MY OWN LIFE would change.

The adaptable and sustainable lessons I learned about the power of language proved to be so effective in moving MYSELF forward, I was compelled to incorporate them into workshops as part of my coaching practice. An added bonus was the total reversal of the eye disease without any damage or recurrence to date. 

It became evident to me from my own experience that women in particular would benefit from this knowledge of the mastery of language, especially in the area of crafting powerful and effective requests.

Requests are critical to meeting our personal and professional needs.  How many women do you know, including yourself, who are totally effective in getting their own needs met?  Exactly...

My coaching practice served both men and women, but as an adjunct,  I started to develop projects geared toward advancing women in business and politics. These included the Women"s Advancement InitiativeTM and the bipartisan State of Women in Politics (SOWIP).

My work on behalf of women earned me an invitation to be an honored guest at the 2004 International Women's Day celebration in Sydney, Australia.  I was also invited to conduct my then, "New Language for Leadership" workshop for the women of Pago Pago, American Samoa, a U.S. Territory in the South Pacific.

This is where my story took an unexpected and life changing turn. I was asked several times why I chose American Samoa. My response was always the same, "American Samoa chose me and I just didn't get in the way." This experience became a powerful life lesson in not letting "the language in my head", or the limiting perceptions of others, get in the way of manifesting my destiny.

Living and working in American Samoa was never on my radar screen, but it was surely meant to be.  Originally a 2-month commitment, I stayed for almost 5 years, as I accepted a request to remain on island in order to work toward improving the Territory's socioeconomic conditions. Out of this came the development of an American Samoan non-profit corporation with 4 other women (60% Samoan), a territorial first. It was named, Inailau a Tama'itai, Inc., after a Samoan proverb translating to, "Women Working Together To Get The Job Done"... and we did.  Some of the work we began over 10 years ago continues today. 

After a few years in corporate America, the development of keaneCOACH Virtual Consulting has brought me back to working with women to "get the job done".  The "job" being, increasing women's leadership in all levels of governance, as well as in business and the professional fields.

I invite you to take advantage of the  complimentary consultation to learn more about our working together to create a successful story that moves your own leadership journey forward.  LET'S TALK - CONTACT ME!   I am also available on Facebook at KEANECOACH VIRTUAL.  I look forward to hearing from you! 

         Always the best,

         Mimi Keane  ​​
I fully embrace the belief that this is a critical time in our 
Nation's history for women to speak their truth and 
exercise their power to achieve, not only for themselves,
but for others in their life's domains. 
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